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Bio Information
Avenue Q

***Due by 11:59PM on Thursday, June 22

All bios should be submitted to bios@2ndstageproductions.com
use the following subject for your email:  Avenue Q

Your bio ...
· ...may be up to approximately 150 words in length. If it's longer, doesn't really matter... just don't write me a novel.
· ...may include items such as your age, interests, idols, past roles you’ve played, the school you attend, people you would like to thank, and BRIEF AND APPROPRIATE inside-jokes.
· ...must be written either in the third-person (meaning you need to refer to yourself either by name or by “he/she,” not “I”), or in a professional list format.
· Show titles are CAPITALIZED; roles go in “quotes”.
· "SPELLING BEE”, “FORUM” and “HOW TO SUCCEED...” may be written as such... but don't turn "LES MISÉRABLES" into "LES MIS" - it doesn't look good.
· Shout-outs go in quotes.
· Please write out “Second Stage”, don’t use “2nd Stage”.
· NO false credits, NO insults.
NO ATTACHMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED; please copy and paste your bio directly into the email.
There is a filter looking for these EXACT subjects; if you put anything different, it may not get sorted correctly, and I may not be able to find it/add it in.
- Trevor
--- --- ---
KANDI APPLE ("Fantine")
^(Your real name) ^(Your character’s name)
Kandi is thrilled to be playing "Fantine" in this production of LES MISÉRABLES with Second Stage. She was born in New Bunglesburg, NY, and is the daughter of a world-renowned goat breeder. She is a recent graduate of Anita Man High School in Seaford, NY. She currently attends Lou Nattick University in Arizona. Some of her past credits include “Carmen” in FAME, “Aldonza” in MAN OF LAMANCHA, "Grizabella” in CATS, and "Mona Stangley" in THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS. She recently appeared in the ensemble of her school's production of BRING IN 'DA NOISE BRING IN 'DA FUNK. She is an alumnus of "The Future Weed Whackers of the World” club. Kandi would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their time and hard work, as well as her parents for driving her to rehearsals. She would also like to thank her Uncle Martin for taking her to see GRUMPLEDUBER’S REVENGE: ON ICE. She would like to give a shout-out to the Jalapeño Poppers: Farah, Oprah, and Mackenzie: “Corndogs are dogs-on-the-cob!”

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