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Action ♦ Compassion ♦ Teamwork

"Making a difference

Second Stage believes in the power of giving.  We are proud to announce that we
have formed a service group dedicated to making a difference in our community.   
We believe that through action, compassion, and teamwork we can affect, in a positive way, the lives of those in need around us.  

We believe that every person, regardless of age, has the ability to make a difference in this      
world.  Through A.C.T. we will turn ideas and intentions into meaningful action.

We believe that everyone needs help at some time in their life.  Through our work, we will do what we can to alleviate, even if for just a moment, the stresses and difficulties that others endure.
We believe that working together we can make a bigger difference in the community.  By combining our talents and resources we can be greater than the sum of our parts.

Our Mission:
To volunteer our time and talents to helping those in need, especially children
with illness.  There is a transformative power in the giving to others.  Together we can put a smile on the face of a child with cancer, fill the loneliness of an elderly person in a home, and ease the burden of a parent filled with worry.  We can make a difference in the lives of people who are going through difficult times and we may just find that it makes a difference in our own lives as well.

If you are interested in getting involved with A.C.T., send an email to secondstageprod@aol.com.

Watch for our first event coming shortly

Experience the Magic of Giving

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